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Jeff is an IT professional with vast experience spanning SaaS, hosting infrastructure and web technologies. While at Helio Group, Jeff applied his experience to various challenging projects, where he successfully attained high marks from his clients and co-workers.

I had the privilege of working with Jeff on a HIPAA privacy and security project. Jeff is an exceptional and versatile information security professional, who could “juggle” business, technical and compliance issues to keep the project on track. Jeff is is genuine, sincere, and a great team leader.

Working with Raben IT Consulting was so easy. Great customer service, fair pricing and excellent work. I wish every vendor that came to my house was as easy to work with as Raben IT Consulting.

Over the years I have employed technical consultants with firms large and small. None meet the three crucial standards as well as Raben IT: availability, competence, and cost effectiveness. IT problems often require instant solutions so that work can continue – Jeff Raben can be reached 24/7, and is available remotely or in person as the situation demands. The solutions require high levels of competence in dealing with all sorts of hardware and software – a competence Raben has in abundance, including an ability to explain the problem in plain English. Finally, because of the speed with which he solves problems his service is cost effective – more work gets done in less time, with no unnecessary purchases recommended.

An added advantage. Raben IT’s expertise extends to advice in setting up sound systems, a very valuable skill to have available when on the hunt for a new house.


I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding customer service provided by Jeff Raben regarding my technology needs during our move into our new home in Scottsdale last December.

The excitement of moving into our new home in Scottsdale was accompanied by the stress of ensuring that all our tech-related requirements were met seamlessly. However, Jeff’s professionalism and expertise made the entire process incredibly simple and easy.

From setting up our Nest, security cameras, electronic doorbell, and remote garage door panel to installing new Smart TVs and handling behind-the-scenes hardware and software installations, Jeff demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge and proficiency. His friendly demeanor added to the positive experience, making it easier than I could have imagined.

Jeff efficiently managed all aspects of our technology needs, including network setup, security software implementation, and even configuring our email and home communication system.

His attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional service are truly commendable.

I believe that great customer service should be acknowledged and appreciated, and I am grateful for Jeff’s efforts in ensuring that our transition into our new home was smooth and hassle-free from a technology standpoint.

I would highly recommend hiring him if you are new to the area and want to simplify your move-in.  He is someone that will not only provide the initial set up, but can continue to provide ongoing technology support.

Raben is a f-cking rockstar!! He helped us give our new home life!  🙂

RabenIT has been of invaluable help to me as I wrote three history books. Publishers often have strange software programs they use in the course of the editing manuscripts: RabenIT helped me develop tools to interact with them. RabenIT handled all those programs for me with ease. Most important, they were there when I needed them on short notice, often when a glitch developed in the middle of a day’s writing. Highly recommended.